A Wild Faith - Reviews

A Guidebook for Spiritual Survival

Alex Cicelsky, Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan, Israel on Amazon.com

"When exploring the wilderness, it is vital to be prepared and carry the proper gear. Rabbi Comin's guide is a full backpack complete with trail maps, a soul directing compass, and just enough guiding to empower us to create and realize an intimate and personal adventure."

Editorial Review

Publishers Weekly - April 2007

"In this lyrical but practical primer to fusing Torah with nature, Comins writes: "Far from humans, in God's handiwork, my heart sheds its burdens and my prayers flow." An ordained rabbi, he felt suffocated by books and buildings until he returned to the source of his first spiritual feelings: the wilderness."

A Wild Faith - From Geography to Ideology and Back Again

Rabbi Jaime Arnold, Bet Evergreen Bulletin, Colorado

"In A Wild Faith, Rabbi Comins shares a very accessible and compelling array of texts and practices to facilitate this process of connecting our inner and outer geography. "

Review of A Wild Faith

Rabbi Alan Secher, Bozeman, Montana, June 2007

"Many years ago, I stood on a bluff just south of Masada and watched the sun rise over the Dead Sea. It was a clear experience of what Heschel terms radical amazement. God was not just present in the sunrise but present in me. I reconnected with that moment as I submerged myself in the pages of Rabbi Michael Comin's wonderful new book- Wild Faith: Jewish Ways into Wilderness, Wilderness Ways into Judaism."